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Engineering & Prototyping

Simply stated, each design presents a unique set of challenges. That said, we leverage our 30 years of experience along with state of the art methods of prototyping and fabrication. What we do truly is an eclectic mix of new and old technologies – from hand sculpting to digital scanning, machining, as well 3D printing. No suitable workflow is discounted or beyond realm of what we do. In the end it is our goal to surpass the client’s expectations with an end product that looks and performs as expected. The gallery herein depicts various stages of component fabrication and final build.

3D scan imported In a CAD program . to cut foam shape to prototype the Rear Lid of the Race car Porsche Cayman .

after some small alternation , like inserting a gurney . and finish the surface with primer .we polish the

Plug . And we made a set of mold . to finally manufacturing the final lightweight . part as seen on the black Racer below 

Same process was use to make the front bumper and spoiler